Humach Expresses Concern on New Compliance Vulnerabilities for Remote Contact Centers

Humach Expresses Concern on New Compliance Vulnerabilities for Remote Contact Centers

As COVID-19 forced businesses to expedite remote transitions, new contact center compliance, security, and privacy vulnerabilities have been exposed.

PLANO, Texas, May 27, 2021 /BusinessWire/

As COVID-19 forced businesses to adapt to the new paradigm of remote work at a breakneck pace, expedited telecommuting transitions exposed new vulnerabilities in contact center compliance, security and privacy, and interoperability.

Despite the sudden acceleration of the remote contact center model, Humach, a leading business process and technology outsourcer, has operated fully compliant remote contact centers for over a decade.

Humach CEO, Tim Houlne says, “Compliance should have already been an ongoing business-as-usual practice, but it’s been a blind spot for some organizations during the pandemic. Due to the speed and scale at which remote transitions had to be completed, we saw companies shift focus from security and compliance to other critical areas.”

As a result, current cybersecurity statistics reveal a dramatic increase in hacked and breached organizational data since the pandemic began – which Houlne calls, “unacceptable”. There have been no security incidents occur at Humach to date as they have operated remote contact centers with certifications for PCI DSS compliance, HIPAA, and a wide variety of other privacy and security standards for the last 15+ years.

Humach is encouraging businesses to refocus on security and increase their scope to include recent technology and operational changes that may have introduced new vulnerabilities. They’ve created helpful resources like a Contact Center Continuity Checklist, Beginner’s Guide to Compliance, and are offering free consultations for remote support models.

Houlne went on to say, “The pandemic and this new normal caught businesses by surprise, but it is not a justification to accept substandard security and compliance in place. Businesses can’t afford to deprioritize remote security and compliance during disruption – pandemic or otherwise. There is no grace period for cyberattacks.”


Founded in 2015, with roots dating back to 1988, Humach is the leading agent and technology outsourcer behind a suite of cloud-based customer sales and support products that include Humach-at-Home™, AI-powered Digital Agents, top-rated omnichannel platforms, and award-winning customer experience solutions. The company’s managed products and services are designed to augment existing contact center models using collaborative intelligence that leverages the strengths of both humans and machines. Humach simplifies and streamlines customer experiences for the world’s leading brands with agents and technology.

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