Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Your Call Center

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Outsourcing is no secret, especially when it comes to call centers. There’s a reason why enterprise level companies choose to outsource their call center operations.

It goes beyond just focusing on core competencies. Managing and providing great customer experience takes specialization. It’s a strategic approach that can’t be thrown to the wayside or left on the back-burner.

Unless you already have a well oiled omni-channel approach to customer experience, it’s going to be a major investment in time and resources to create one on your own. This includes:

  • Multiple customer channel capabilities
  • Web chats
  • Email support
  • Telephony equipment
  • Training
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Tracking and reporting support
  • IT

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The benefits of outsourcing your call center extend beyond the everyday minutia and resources you’ll have to manage. Customer satisfaction rates are also at play. Excellent call centers specialize in the customer centric approach of today — and do a better job at creating a robust customer experience that changes with the times.

But let’s get to it. Here are the 12 main reasons why you should outsource your call center

1. Cost 

This one may seem obvious — but it’s far cheaper to outsource your call center operations. This is mainly because call centers are able to afford the very best equipment, softwares and representatives. Why? Because they are able to divide the cost amongst their clientele.

There are a myriad of other factors that make outsourcing cost efficient. To learn more, read our post devoted to cost savings.

2. Specialization 

Call centers are completely devoted to the insights and strategies that focus around customers of a certain industry. Their ability to specialize an utilize all of their core competencies to fit your needs make their service exemplary.


This will not only make their ability to communicate with you and your business easier, but also the customers.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

Peaks and valleys are the name of the game when it comes to call centers. Outsource call centers are able to plan accordingly, scheduling staff at the rates that are necessary — reducing your cost-per-call.

Holidays, seasonal sales, major campaigns — these are all times that outsource call centers are able to utilize their flexibility and fit your needs.

4. Access to tools

Like we said previously, the ability of call centers to spread their cost of equipment and software amongst clients give them great resources to work with. These resources include a variety of tools that can improve customer experience and reduce cost.

These tools were mentioned earlier but we can mention some of them again:

  • Web chats
  • Email support
  • Telephony equipment
  • Tracking and reporting support
  • IT

These tools can provide your customers with a superior omni-channel experience. Some outsource call centers implement cost management tools as well. These help measure cost-per-call and make certain that you are getting the most out of your campaigns.

Compared to in-house efforts — these tools allow for a better and more efficient way to measure profitability.

5. Brand representation


Brand reputation cannot be taken lightly in this digital era. Because everyone essentially has a handheld megaphone, anyone can advocate or damage your reputation.  

Outsource call center agents are regularly trained to meet changing standards and communication channels. They are also experienced in handling a variety of customers and clients — assuring that any scenario is handled by an expert representative.  

This holds even more weight when you decide to invest in a domestic outsource call center. The ability to communicate effectively and understand the culture and subtle nuances of language adds increased value to customers.

6. Expert Staff

Outsource call centers are specialized. This means both support and management staff are experienced in the field of customer experience.

Institutional knowledge is already present with outsource call centers, and their ability to adapt to different customers and situations makes their service difficult to beat.

This goes for all aspects of a call center. Their specialization brings in the best in technology, planning, training, and quality assurance.

7. Data, Tracking and Monitoring

Data isn’t even a buzzword anymore, it’s the word. Nothing moves or changes today without the data and tracking to back it up.

Outsource entities not only understand this, they thrive on it. Understanding every insight and piece of data available helps them better understand clients and move things forward.

Outsource call centers are experienced in handling multiple campaigns and varying agendas. This means that large amounts of data are no problem.

Analysis platforms are crucial to unlocking the truth behind raw data. These top-notch technologies are afforded to outsource call centers by their inherit large client base.

8. Technology

We’ve been mentioning technology a lot, but there’s no mistaking its importance. This is because softwares, channels and telephony equipment is an up-to-date game. Having the best tech at your disposal assures that your customers and your business are reaping the reward of your call center efforts.

One of these essential pieces of tech is cloud-based software. Cloud-based technology allows you to choose from a full suite of API’s and doesn’t restrict your capabilities or solutions.

This premiere technology is often expensive to acquire and can be even more costly to constantly update. Outsource call centers have the resources to afford the very best and up-to-date technology for your business to utilize.

9. Quality Control

Some of the biggest complaints customers have with a call center are answer times, wait times and first call solutions. These are big indicators of call center effectiveness.

Outsource call centers specialize in reducing these complaints by monitoring quality assurance and assessing performance constantly. Their experience and expertise makes certain that there are plans in place to improve on any and all aspects of customer experience.  

10. 24/7 Support

Your business may not run all day everyday, but customer experience does. Customers expect a timely response on the phone, email or web chat with a human representative.

This has become a norm that loads of companies don’t understand — or be prepared to offer in-house. Outsource call centers with omni-channel approaches in place are able to provide support at any time.

Customer’s now demand instant service on their terms, whether it be on the web or through text, email, or voice. Humans and tech should work together provide a true end to end solution, covering all channels of communication.

Outsourcing your call center is a big leap, but one that can revolutionize the way your business interacts with customers. Transforming, simplifying and improving the customer experience is at the core of our model.

If you would like to learn more about the immense benefits of outsourcing your call center efforts, contact us — we would love to chat!


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